What We Do

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The C3Be Support System

C3Be helps universities, businesses, and students better meet each other's needs through three lines of effort: learning maps, assessments, and community.

Learning Maps

C3Be supports learning systems that are knowledge-based by offering the ability to develop learning maps within a domain or discipline. Learning maps are created from a synthesis of research within the domain or discipline, a structure that defines that domain, a set of hypotheses, and a mechanism for supporting growth. The learning maps clearly articulate the learning pathways specifying the competencies involved. Maps can show how people learn differently across a discipline and help articulate gaps where instructors, assessors, or the learners themselves can reorient to achieve their goals.
Example learning map structure from Dynamic Learning Maps


Authentic assessments rely on learner-produced evidence of the learning objective or competency that is true to nature of the competency. They produce certifications of the level of successful achievement using objective criteria implemented by subject-matter experts with real-world experience in the domain of the competency. The quality of the assessment process is maintained through active, evidence-based validation. This means that the assessments accurately recognize and measure competencies regardless of how those competencies were mastered. Innovative assessments demand innovative tools and techniques. C3Be can provide technological and structural solutions to organizations.
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We use the process of developing learning maps and assessments to build communities around learning. We specialize in bringing together industry experts and university faculty to develop maps that can be used to help businesses understand what learners know, and what businesses need; thus providing learners with more control over their economic futures and businesses with greater surety to guide their investment in human capital.
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