About the Center

The Center for Certification and Competency-Based Education (C3BE) is a center within the University of Kansas Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI). The mission of AAI is to enhance the achievement of individuals and organizations throughout local, state, and national communities.

C3BE provides unique support to organizations and people to produce:

  • Learning maps documenting the relationship among competencies within a domain or field.
  • Assessments of competencies leading to micro-credentials.
  • Development and training to support stakeholders to understand learning and assessment through the lens of outcome-based approach.
  • Community building with diverse stakeholders to undertake, certify, and disseminate competencies that matter.

C3BE's Responsive Learning System

C3BE achieves this goal by supporting responsive learning systems that focus on certification, competency-based, and work-place informed learning and education. Responsive learning systems are knowledge-based, learning centered, assessment-driven, and community supported.
Triple venn diagram with Knowledge, Assessment, and Learning circles inside a larger circle for Community

The Achievement & Assessment Institute

Housing the Center for Certification and Competency Based Education, AAI improves the performance of students, adults and public agencies.