Connie Chow, Ph.D.

Connie Chow
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Connie Shui-Yi Chow is a molecular biologist by training, an educator at heart, a social entrepreneur by accident and a skeptical optimist in practice. Her effort in the last 18 years has been focused on learning to create intellectually challenging, justice-oriented and joyful learning and mentoring spaces for students and facilitators, internationally and in the US, by partnering with public schools and universities, community and industry, through research and praxis.

Immediately prior to joining C3BE, Connie facilitated and refined a competency-based, equity-focused M.Ed. program for future science and math educators seeking licensure, as part of a team that also designed an M.Ed. program in justice, equity, innovation and design.

Connie holds a joint appointment at the School of Education and Human Sciences at KU.



Ph.D. in Virology, Harvard University